Mary-Anne Amies

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Experience: With a business and marketing career spanning over 20 years, I have extensive experience working in industries including Skincare, Beauty, Apparel Product Development & Retailing, for some of Australia’s most loved brands. I was always hungry to learn and experience first-hand the inner workings of businesses, and went straight into full-time work out of school while studying my Bachelor of Business.

Launching my own digital agency in 2010 allowed me to leverage my big business experience to focus on creating opportunities for small businesses, maximising what was then an emerging marketing approach, but today mainstream marketing.

Fast forward 12 years, and Wise Up Marketing is a successful multi-six figure business that has helped over 700 businesses to leverage digital marketing, as well as developing the digital marketing careers of over 25 team members.

Passion: My passion is providing solutions to small business owners, that motivate and inspire them. I feel personally rewarded by seeing the businesses we support grow. I am endlessly passionate about the digital landscape and the cost-effective impact it can make. Equally my passion extends to supporting up-and-coming digital marketers to get a solid grounding in strategic digital marketing, in an environment that nurtures them to be their best, and values them as individuals.

Interesting fact: I loved studying drama, music and performance throughout high school. I can play a range of musical instruments (although am pretty rusty these days) and have performed on stage in plays and musicals – something I hope to get back to one day.

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