CEO Briefing Ami Summers | Episode 35

It is such an honour to be joined in this episode by my much-loved Leadership Coach, Ami Summers from Craft Coaching and Development, to talk about Emotional Intelligence, diving into how to test for, build and use EQ as a leader of a team.

With 15 year’s experience as a leadership development consultant and as a Certified Coach (Mentor Coach), Ami is a specialist in supporting leaders of growing teams with entrepreneurial and creative backgrounds. She is accredited in a number of diagnostic tools including the MSCEIT, LSI/GSI, LTM (About Learning) and DiSC and holds several other related quals.

Her coaching practice Craft Coaching and Development brings impactful tools and methodology to both leaders and entrepreneurs – tools that would ordinarily be reserved for big corporations. For Ami, coaching is about making a positive impact on the world by equipping business leaders to think creatively and make better decisions for future generations. She firmly believes that having more creative entrepreneurs leading purpose-led businesses will craft a brighter future for us all.

Connect with Ami at www.linkedin/company/craft-coaching-and-development or on Instagram @craftcoachinganddevelopment

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