CEO Briefing Brand Strategist Bec Hughes | Episode 31

In this episode we are joined by Bec Hughes Brand Strategist, Business Coach & Mentor for Brand-led Creatives, and one of my most loved business pals. 

She obsesses over clever creativity, challenging the norms, and revealing unexpected outcomes. During her day job, she’s a wordsmith, one-woman creative business owner cheer squad, pixel perfectionist (graphic designer for the people at the back), storyteller, speaker, alliteration addict (can’t you tell!?) and host of The C Word podcast. 

On the podcast today she shares why CEO’s need to pay attention to their branding as part of their digital identity and generously tells us her Top Tips on how to use your brand to inform and strengthen digital strategy.

Sit back, you’re in for an informative episode full of great laughs.

You can connect to Bec on Instagram at

On her website or by tuning into The C Word Podcast (you might even find me over there too!) 

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